Best Billing Softwares in India

Technology has always positively contributed to businesses and their growth. As we know huge amount of labour is required to maintain smooth working  flow of any business. Billing Software has drastically helped businesses to create their invoices, Customer records, unique templates and many such effective elements that optimally reduces human efforts and time.

They offer various options that includes currency selection, receiving and sending information, processing credit cards, etc. which you can use whenever required without having to waste much time.

Throughout the years a dynamic development of billing Software has been noticed. The constant up gradation of billing Software is a boon for many developed and growing businesses. The prime advantage is its error less results and detailed output. People throughout the globe are taking optimum advantage from billing software and getting huge profits for their business. 

You should buy and use a billing software that can cater everything you need for your business. If you’re stressed out and wondering which one you should choose then it’s time to relax. In this article I am presenting a list of Top 5 Billing Software In India that will help you to make the perfect choice.

Go ahead and give this a read. 

Tally offers brilliance. Current Tally is being used by more than 20 lack people worldwide. It came to the market in 2009 and has been doing great work since then. It had limited capabilities during its launch but the updates that came with time are simply spectacular.

It can cater the needs of a small growing business as well as a developed business. The reason behind its huge customer base is the phenomenal features that it gives In a very reasonable amount. 

Tally manages the whole accounting process. It gives you all the facilities you need in a busy business day starting from recording of invoices, payroll, managing inventory, order and tax to MIS report generation and banking.

To clear the slightest bit of doubt you can go ahead and avail the free trial. The free trial will give you an overview of how this billing software actually works. After making your mind you should definitely go and buy the prime

Tally package that has all the above mentioned features and more. Optimum data security is also an excellent move. Tally is the perfect software for your business with effective costing and brilliant features which will just take you and your business to the sky.

  • Marg

Marg ERP Software launched in 2000, has completed twenty successful years in the market and helped businesses immensely.

Currently it is been used by a huge number of people due to its features that covers everything you need for your business and its development. The customer base consists of 10 lakh people. Marg ERP serves efficiency to all forms and types of businesses be it start-ups or any highly developed sectors.

You get to choose between three editions that Marg ERP offers. The Basic edition will offer you all the necessary features that you need. It includes simple billing of GST and filling. It also manages inventory and accounting.

You also get to use Invoice recording, Auto generated system of bank reconciliation and generation of MIS reports with the basic Marg ERP edition. The pricing of this edition is very reasonable. If you want to go a step ahead then you can avail the Silver edition of the software.

The Silver edition contains all the features that are included in the basic edition. Apart from that you get to experience an integrated software. Some intriguing features are – data analysis, management of customer relations, report generation and accounting.

If you’re looking for an highly upgraded billing software then you should totally opt for the gold edition. It will offer you mind blowing features that will take your business to heights. 

  • Zoho

Zoho has made its place in people’s heart in the course of time. Their contribution to growing businesses is commendable. It was globally launched in the market in 2011. People from all over the world use Zoho due to its efficiency and they have over 1 crore happy customers.

Zoho will offer you everything you need for your business to grow.

Creating, managing and sending bills are now just of few clicks with Zoho. It will adjust your stock levels automatically after you have purchased and received your order or goods. The recurring mode allows you to set bills at a regular intervals. It also records vendor credits and allows you to keep a track of events.

After locking your purchase order you can instantly create bills for the same from Zoho. You can also link customers with billed items. It manages invoice recording and accounting with utmost accuracy. You don’t need to make a heavy investment to get Zoho for your business as it will fall super light on your pocket.

To get an wholesome idea of how the software actually works you can avail the free demo option. After you’re satisfied with the demo you can buy Zoho and grow your business immensely. 

  • Sleekbill

Sleekbill is slowly becoming very popular among people. They love this software due to the top notch features. It was launched in 2003 and is in a growing phase. They have over forty thousand clients in India.

Sleekbill is known for its features that are provided for free. Yes, you don’t have to pay any thing to buy this billing software. Sleekbill can be the perfect companion for your business growing businesses. It is hundred percent secure and super simple to use. It provides access to multiple users.

Sleekbill generates inventory reports which includes in hand stocks and report of in and out sales. You get attractive and unique templates that your clients will love. You get to save records of stock. Sleekbill supports GSTIN, creates GST tax applied invoices, HSN columns and many such things.

The system of quotation will make things a lot easier for you. The challan software also quickens a lot of your work. If you were in doubt about starting your business because you had investment issues then you should completely go for Sleekbill. All the users are benefitted from Sleekbill. They are also upgrading constantly to give its users the best experience. Go ahead and let your business grow with Sleekbill. 

  • Vyapar

Vyapar was launched just a few years ago and has gained great customer base in this short period of time. In just three years it gained over 1 lakh users. Vyapar can be used on mobile and desktop as well.

You’ll be amazed to know that Vyapar mobile version is absolutely free of cost. The mobile version serves considerate features.

The premium or desktop version has to be purchased. The pricing of the premium version is designed by keeping customers’ convenience in mind. You get all you want for your business from Vyapar.

It offers GST billing that will create bills instantly. You will be updated on all the records. Inventory management is just rightly executed in Vyapar. It helps start ups, small companies to keep a track on their payment records.

It helps in maintaining free cash flow. The long process of GST filling is just a matter of seconds now with Vyapar. The system of challan delivering make things easier. If you have even a minute querry or doubt in your mind about the premium version then you should definitely avail the 30 days free trial.

After experiencing you can go forward and purchase the premium version. Many small businesses are doing greatly well by using Vyapar.


All the above-mentioned billing software are being used by everyone and have been in the top since a while now. You can choose the correct billing software considering your business requirements.

They can be used for all types of businesses and companies. To reduce your stress and increase efficiency purchase one of the billing software from the list. The information provided is highly authentic and the Software are highly efficient. Experience excellence with these billing software. Wishing you prosperity for your growing businesses. Make the right choice and enjoy your effortless and errorless life. Make the best use of your favourite billing software. 


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