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Tally has a hard-earned reputation for empowering businesses with stable, effective software products. Tally.ERP 9 has all the features required for high-performance business management.

You bank and pay utility bills from home, why not do your business transactions? Or call up a stock status report and print a copy from wherever you are? Tally.ERP 9 has been designed with you in mind. Powerful connectivity makes information available with your staff, CA and other professionals, round-the-clock, in any place. It’s also quick to install and allows incremental implementation-a novel capability that lets you activate just as many of its functions when required, even across locations.

With Trusted Remote Access, Audit & Compliance Services, an Integrated Support Centre and Security management, all focused on delivering peace of mind to You. It is a complete product that retains its original simplicity yet offers comprehensive business functionalities such as Accounting, Finance, Inventory, Sales, Purchase, Point of Sales, Manufacturing, Costing, Job Costing, Payroll and Branch Management along with capabilities like Statutory Processes, excise etc. Whatever the demands, Tally ERP 9 makes life a lot easier. With an ideal combination of function, control and customisability built in, Tally.ERP 9 permits business owners and their associates to do more.

The product is supported on Windows operating system; on Windows XP and above.

Advantages :

• Powerful remote capabilities that boost collaboration
• Easy to find qualified personnel
• Easy to customise
• Low cost of ownership via quick implementation, Tally Integrator, Support Centre.


Tally.ERP9 Silver (Single User)


Tally.ERP 9 is available in two editions currently: Silver and Gold. The Silver edition is for a single user/computer system. This means that the edition can be activated on one system and can be accessed from that system. The Silver edition comprises of all features and functionalities of Tally 9. It has the bandwidth to manage multiple branches/companies as well as books of accounts.

Businesses using Tally Silver can create multiple users and each user can be allotted specific levels of security. However, it is imperative that all users access the tool only from the system from which it is activated.

The availability of remote management facility allows businesses to even authorize Chartered Accountants (mapped to his Tally Auditor’s edition) to access pertinent business information for compliance, audit and consulting services. Businesses can migrate their Tally Silver edition anytime to Gold without any hassles. With a Silver edition, businesses can create one Tally.NET identity to make remote access feasible.


Tally.ERP9 Gold (Unlimited Multi User)


The only differentiating factor between Tally Silver and Tally Gold is the number of systems from where the software can be accessed. When businesses require enabling more than one system to access Tally 9, Gold edition is the best available option. A maximum of 10 users who read and access the tool guarantees optimal performance. The release of Series B with Diamond and Platinum editions will make the tool feasible for over hundreds of users easily.

Tally.ERP 9 is flexible software and the two editions allow businesses to make a diligent choice. Remote access, authorizing access to Chartered Accountant and management of multiple companies are also possible with the Gold edition. Ten Tally.NET identities can also be created. Businesses that have this edition can increase the number of users anytime without the need for any additional user licensing. Combined with Tally customization, the Gold edition makes the tool versatile and dynamic for every business environment.


Tally.ERP9 Auditor Edition (Unlimited Multi User Auditor Edition)


Auditor Edition

Tally.ERP 9 Auditor’s Edition, as the name indicates, is a version that is designed exclusively for Chartered Accountants. This tool includes all features and functionalities of the Gold edition and a lot more to enhance audit effectiveness and streamline client’s businesses. Numerous extra features including computer enabled audit, auto scan of every voucher and ledger, record scrutiny as per type of audit, view and verification of tax liability and a holistic dashboard that captures them in an organized fashion.

Remote access in Tally.ERP 9 Auditor’s Edition also allows Chartered Accountants to monitor work quality whenever and wherever, save on travel time and costs, facilitate quick and easy filing of tax returns and combat shortage of article clerks. The presence of Tally.NET enables Chartered Accountants to authorize permission to article clerks without the need for additional licensing. All business transactions pertaining to the client conducted by the Chartered Accountant can be viewed at the client’s location as well.


Tally.Server9 (High Level Security Server in multiuser environment)


Tally.Server 9 is a ‘Series A’ Enterprise Class product for medium and large size businesses whose pace of growth requires for it to invest in infrastructure that will help them improve their business efficiencies. Tally.Server 9 helps enhance the power and control of Tally.ERP 9 Gold users by converting the existing ‘peer-to-peer’ kind of data access to ‘server based’ data management.

The Tally.Server 9 technology is built with multi-version concurrency capabilities for providing most efficient scalability. Requests from every user get equal priority and get solved in parallel with others, rather than sequentially. There is no queuing of access or modification requests and so every user will feel as if he were working with his own local copy or snapshot of data. Tally.Server 9 will ensure that the data access/modification by a user is isolated to his/her own snapshot, thus allowing other users to operate smoothly.

In other words, with Tally.Server 9, there is essentially no blocking of another user’s tasks, even as new users keep getting added to the system, or because of the types of tasks being performed. It also maintains very high data consistency in intense use environment. Overall it leads to lower cost of ownership, lower maintenance and higher efficiency of operations for any medium to large business needing an enterprise grade system.



As technology evolves, businesses like yours have to keep in step to benefit. Satisfying your customers at the same time is often a challenge. We have designed Shoper 9 to handle lakhs of SKUs (items), thousands of transactions per day and even support hundreds of stores in a chain. This way, the modern retail business gets to use its core strengths to full advantage. By way of its unequalled retail expertise and rich development, Shoper 9 represents the best of breed.

From better control of promotions to detailed stock queries, Shoper 9 is up to the task. With its strong interface, this retail management software product addresses common issues such as data exchange between head office, warehouses and stores. Chosen by leading Indian specialty stores, Shoper 9 caters to the apparel, footwear and textile segments with tremendous success. The Shoper 9 philosophy is ease of use. A tested support system delivered via the Tally Integrators and Tally Service Partners ensures its smooth functioning.

This Product Also available in Silver, Gold And Diamond Editions


Tally.Net Services

Modern businesses operate in a connected and informed environment. Better connectivity both internally with employees, branches, warehouses and factory and externally with vendors, customers and banks ensures efficient business operations and hence, faster growth.

Not just with stakeholders, but as an entrepreneur, to be in constant touch with your business is essential. During engagements with clients, vendors or simply while travelling for business or leisure, information on your finger-tips helps take timely decisions.

Tally.ERP 9 provides value added services to deliver such connectivity to modern businesses, via Tally.NET. Tally.NET Services help you connect more efficiently with your business, customers, banks and other business stakeholders

With the host of services that Tally.NET powers, you can rest assured that your business will always remain up-to-date with the latest developments in technology and statutory laws. It also assures you that you have complete visibility to your business (along with all branches) even while you are on the move.


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