CoinDCX Coupon Code 2022

CoinDCX Coupon Code


With the growing popularity of cryptocurrency trading, it’s extremely probable that you’ve heard about CoinDCX. It’s a new cryptocurrency exchange situated in Singapore that launched in 2018. This bitcoin exchange’s India office, however, is located in Mumbai.


  • CoinDCX is the maximum stable cryptocurrency buying and selling platform, with sufficient safety safeguards for each consumer account record and transaction.
  • More than 2 hundred extraordinary cryptos are supported.
  • CoinDCX is a favoured platform for hundreds of customers because of capabilities like quick buy and sell, consumer-pleasant experience, and endless buying and selling.
  • Users are attracted to CoinDCX because of the minimal trading and withdrawal costs.
  • Customer service is available all the time.


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What is CoinDCX?


CoinDCX has a reputation for providing high-quality cryptocurrency financial services. It enables secure access to a variety of digital assets in a user-friendly manner. With BitGo, it also offers its consumers insurance and security. The degree of security has been raised thanks to BitGo protection, and CoinDCX has been supported by industry-leading security standards.

CoinDCX is an ISO-certified firm established in Singapore that provides crypto-financial services. It is one of India’s major cryptocurrency exchange platforms, offering ground-breaking crypto-based goods and making transactions faster and easier. Crypto trading has become simple and secure thanks to CoinDCX.

It’s a relatively new cryptocurrency trading platform with over 200 coins to choose from. Its distinguishing characteristic is that it accepts a broad variety of cryptos, including Ethereum, Bitcoin, and a number of other altcoins. It implies that a wide range of bitcoin traders will be able to utilize the site without having to travel elsewhere.



  • Fast & simple
  • Easy deposit & withdrawals
  • Safe & secure
  • Insured by BitGo
  • Deep Encryption
  • Fast registration and KYC 
  • There are no fees for depositing or withdrawing your cryptocurrency funds.


How does it Work?


Trading on CoinDCX is quick and easy. It stands out among large exchanges like Binance because of its straightforward UI. To start buying and selling on CoinDCX, one ought to first create an account by providing the vital data. After the submitted data has been verified and the consumer has correctly registered, they may be allowed to start buying and selling cryptos at the platform.


Following are the steps to create account in CoinDCX:


  • Step 1: Visit the Official Website
  • Step 2: Fill the details to sign up
  • Step 3: Verify Email and Phone Number 
  • Step 4: Bank Account Verification
  • Step 5: KYC Verification


Coin DCX Coupon Code


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