Top 10 IT Companies in Pune

IT Companies in Pune


All of us are living in the 21st century or we can also call it ‘The Digital century’. Technology has completely taken over everything and made things a lot more easier for people. Adapting to new arriving technologies has become a necessity.

To execute and globally commercialize any idea or business in this era, it is important to create a dazzling digital presence with the help of Information technology. It is an essential move that one should take in order to stay connected with the customers.

The digital space helps in building the trust of the customers towards the business. These spaces also boost the involvement and engagement of the customers. IT helps in building a transparent relation between the customers and the business which contributes to the growth of any business. We can also not ignore the fact that the competition has tremendously increased.

IT has created immense scope for small businesses and even start-ups to flourish and take their initiatives to great heights. As there are innumerable emerging businesses and start-ups, being able to get noticed by the targeted audience becomes quite a difficult task. Therefore to keep you and your business updated you must approach knowledgeable IT Companies and let the  software experts manage and handle this department. 

In recent years, many IT driven companies, who focus on developing products from scratch and managing the overall business through various technological solutions. They create customized software, design web pages, applications for various devices, invite networking, engineering and such important aspects that are mandatory for any business.

By availing the services from IT Companies you can sit back and relax. Software companies have proven to be a boon for mankind. Gone are the days when the owner of the business had to look after and manage every single detail and get highly stressed. Now businesses are being managed by software companies and the owners can focus on the other important factors and lead a stress free life. It has built a nice profitable  relationship which benefits the business as well the companies. 

There are plenty of Such IT Companies all over India located in different cities. Pune has been recognized to be a hub of efficient IT Companies.  In this article you will get to know about some of the most reliable and trusted IT Companies that have made remarkable progress in this field and are situated in Pune.

You can connect with all the below mentioned companies by visiting their official website. You also get online chatting services on their website which helps in answering your queries instantly. In case you wish to meet them personally and discuss your ideas in a face to face conversation then you can definitely visit their respective offices.

The location and landmark of the offices have also been mentioned below. The companies below have successfully managed plenty of projects which is the reason why they made their place to this list. Go through the perks of each company and choose whichever company suits your business the best. 

Sparken IT Solutions Pvt.Ltd Pune

Sparken IT Solutions Pvt.Ltd is a digital creative service firm located near Shivranjani House, Pune. It was established in 2009. This company aims to fuel up your dreams and take you to your desired destination. They provide assistance in marketing your idea or product and do the required process for its development. They also take care of the designing sector.

Sparken IT always stands out and serves supreme quality to all their clients. They have been consistently brilliant in developing applications that fulfills the demands of the customers. They provide variety when it comes to designing websites and applications which can turn out to be a boon for you and your business.

One can get highly benefited with Sparken’s outsourcing facility. If you were looking for a solution that can help your start up grow then Sparken It can totally help you to achieve that.

Fantastech Solutions Pune

Fantastech Solutions is an agency that deals with WordPress, located opposite Vanadevi Mandir, Pune. It was established in 2012 and within a short span of Eight years they have grown significantly. They convert UI designs to hand coded HTML including WordPress websites.

They have worked immensely on developing and building a fantastic process that benefits the conversion of designs into customized themes for WordPress and brilliant HTML pages. They also work on page building based WordPress websites. They always deliver projects on time to its customers.

They deliver excellent codes. All the customers who chose Fantastech are highly satisfied as they were given utmost support and top quality service. They offer their services at a very affordable cost. Choose them for your website and get amazed. 

IT Cube Solutions Pvt.Ltd Pune

IT Cube Solutions is situated at Bund Garden road, Pune. It came into existence from 2003 and has been in the market for quite a long period of time. You’ll be amazed to know the fact that IT Cube is a Microsoft Gold certified technology service partner.

They have been performing digital transformations  for clients from all parts of the world. They are dedicated to engage with their clients as their thought partners and take businesses to great heights by optimizing the ideas through inculcating IT.

They cover the areas of Cloud computing, ERP, Mobile solutions, Migration, Business intelligence and Application development. The service and efficiency that IT Cube provides will leave you speechless as your satisfaction is their top priority. It’s time you choose IT Cube to excel in your business. 

TechnoCipher IT Solutions Pune

TechnoCipher is a software company located at Giridhar Nagar, Warje, Pune. It has been established very recently in the year 2017. They have gained considerable appreciation in these three years. They provide support to all their clients in business by giving them the best software solutions to grow in today’s digital world.

Their strengths on different platforms include NET, Java development and PHP. They are also smooth in working on various operating systems like Linux and Microsoft. They brilliantly customize the development of applications as per the varying requirements of the clients.

The web developers show a very professional approach. They also look upon ERP. They provide great quality of work with amazing speed. This is the reason why customers always give positive reviews about TechnoCipher. Connect with them to enhance the presence of your business with great software solutions. 

Welkin IT Services Pvt.Ltd Pune

Welkin IT Services is located near Pride Purple Accord, Pune. It was founded in the year 2012. They have been present in the market for Eight years and have been associated with great projects. Throughout the years they have never compromised on the quality they provide to their customers. Welkin is here to fulfill all your IT requirements.

They take the responsibility of developing your idea and bringing it into reality. This is made possible with the brilliant technical team, who know how things are done correctly. They also work on developing mobile applications. They are experts in ERP.

Welkin provides all the tools and services which one needs to grow their business digitally. They are very cost effective and always stand up to the expectations of their clients which satisfies the customers to the fullest. Their services can be the ultimate best friend of your business. 

Vasundhara IT Pvt.Ltd Pune

Vasundhara IT Pvt. Ltd is located in Sneha Construction, Warje, Pune. It is one of the oldest software companies as it has served people for over 20 years now. It was established in the year 2001. They have immensely excelled in providing worthy software solutions to businesses of various niches.

They build customized software applications that cater all your requirements. They have brilliant hold over technology and are extremely well equipped. Attending and serving the best to their customers is their utmost priority. The customers also agree to this being followed. The cost will not fall heavy on your pocket as Vasundhara IT is present to serve the common man and grow together. 

Excel IT Service Pvt.Ltd Pune

Excel IT Service is a Software service provider located in Chinchwad, Pune. It was founded in the year 2013. They have been consistently providing great services for software solutions since 7 years. They give consultancy and publish customized Softwares.

They do this perfectly as they perfectly analyze the content of the project and demand of the customers. They have made considerable progress in developing gaming Software for computers. They also design web pages related to businesses. They have a very strong technical team who work finely on each and every detail. They deliver their efficient services at very affordable rates. They have satisfied customers from all parts of the world. 

Abhinav IT Solutions Pvt.Ltd

Abhinav IT Solutions is located in Kothrud, Pune. It is a Software development Company and also focuses on Android apps. It was established in the year 2013. In these seven years they have shown tremendous growth in engineering and development of products.

Their clients are being provided with top notch services required for the development of any product. They also look after the maintenance of websites that contribute to the business of their clients. They have maintained punctually in delivering their services since the beginning. One can easily choose Abhinav IT solutions as high quality services are provided at minimal rates. 

IT Gurus Software  Pune

IT Gurus Software is a renowned App and software development company. It is located near Cognizant Sys, Hinjewadi, Pune. Its initial office was founded in Mumbai. The Pune branch was established in Pune in the year 2012. They have contributed immensely in developing apps for IOS.

They also have great experience in developing apps for Android. They also deliver apps that can be integrated with Alexa. They have expertise in transforming ideas into software with the help of technology. They even have their hands on building AI systems for their clients.

They provide their services in pocket friendly rates keeping the customer convenience in mind. All the customers are highly benefited and satisfied by the services that IT Gurus Software provided. 

Zerebral IT Solutions Pvt.Ltd

Zerebral IT solutions is a software company located in Sapphire Chambers, Pune. It was established in the year 2012. The progress that they have shown in these Eight years has been Fantastic. They work closely in the field of product development.

They give you the perfect way to commercialize your ideas and work in making it happen. The core team consists of people with great knowledge and practise of technology which is a contributing factor in the high quality results.

From ideation to execution they constantly provide their services and support to the client. You can totally rely on their analytic skills. The rates of the services are affordable. 

Persistent IT Company Pune

Persistent IT Company is located in Senapati Bapat road, Pune. It was established in the year 1990 and became a public limited company in 2007. They are known for providing significant software solutions to their customers. They create effective strategies to execute your idea in the global sphere and commercialize it to the fullest.

They have been designing Softwares and web pages that will take your business to great heights. They also focus on innovation and development of products. They even work on developing AI and machines for learning. Persistent IT is very affordable.

They do everything possible to grow your business digitally with their excellent technical knowledge. The customers are overwhelmed with the outstanding services that this company provides. 

Yan IT Solutions Pvt.Ltd

Yan IT Solutions is located in  Bavdhan, Pune. This software development company was established in the year… They provide Consultancy services which helps the client to understand the faults and necessary steps that should be taken. They are very skillfully in designing prototypes and running pilots.

After analyzing any idea properly, they develop customized software that fulfill the specific needs of the clients. Yan IT has excelled in development of applications for mobiles including Android and IOS. Management of the Software is taken care of after its development.

They have designed their prices in the favour of customers. They have happy and satisfied customers from all parts of the country. They innovate and develop products 

Sca IT Infrastructure Pvt.Ltd Pune

Sca IT Infrastructure is located in Shaniwar Peth, behind Nav Maharashtra house, Pune. It is a company that deals with business networking. The company was established in the year 2012. They have a lot of branches across India.

They have been providing businesses with safe and worthy connections since eight years. They have immense knowledge of networking and give you the right solutions that promote growth. They annually maintain LAN networking.

The team consists of skillful people who carry out the whole process smoothly. All their services are very affordable. They have satisfied plenty of customers with their services. Choose them to give a business a meaningful boost. 

Applikontech IT Solution Pune

Applikontech IT Solution is located in Wakad, Pune. It was established in the year 2014. They have progressed considerably in these 6 years. They provide solutions to clients that can be achieved by technology. Their IT driven consultation always leaves a positive effect on your business. The work on salesforce implementation. This increases the overall productivity.

They have an efficient platform for Cloud computing which boosts the speed of product development. They have a strong team with highly experienced individuals who bring out the best results. They deliver their services at minimal rates to serve more growing businesses. They provide results within the expected time and never disappoint the clients. 


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