Discover 7 Best Kathak Dance Classes in Bangalore: Dive into the Fascinating Realm of Indian Classical Dance

Kathak, a mesmerizing Indian classical dance form, enthralls spectators with its stunning blend of rhythmic footwork, fluid movements, and expressive storytelling. Bangalore, celebrated for its vibrant cultural atmosphere, is home to numerous schools providing exceptional training in this captivating art form. In this listicle, we introduce you to the top 7 Kathak dance classes in Bangalore, where you can hone your skills in this exquisite dance style and immerse yourself in the rich tradition of Indian classical dance.


Nartana Academy of Fine Arts

Established by the esteemed dancer and choreographer Dr. Maya Rao, Nartana Academy of Fine Arts has provided quality Kathak education to students for more than four decades. Their experienced instructors emphasize enhancing students’ technique, creativity, and stage presence, equipping them with a strong foundation in the art form.


Kala Bhavana Kathak School

Under the guidance of Guru Ashim Bandhu Bhattacharya, Kala Bhavana Kathak School offers a nourishing and inspiring environment for Kathak learners. With structured courses catering to different age groups and expertise levels, the school emphasizes both the technical and expressive aspects of the dance form, preparing students for stage performances and examinations.


Navanritya Dance Academy

Led by the dynamic duo of Nirupama and Rajendra, Navanritya Dance Academy is renowned for its novel approach to Kathak. The school focuses on imparting traditional knowledge while integrating modern elements, allowing students to cultivate a unique and adaptable style of their own.


Kalasagaram Centre for Performing Arts

Kalasagaram Centre for Performing Arts, founded by Guru Prathiba Natesan, offers comprehensive training in the Lucknow Gharana of Kathak. The center is committed to fostering an appreciation for the dance form and nurturing students’ artistic development through regular classes, workshops, and performance opportunities.


Talaash Institute of Dance and Music

Emphasizing the nurturing of individual talent, Talaash Institute of Dance and Music provides a supportive environment for learning Kathak. The seasoned faculty, led by Guru Sandhya V., highlights the significance of rhythm, expression, and elegance, assisting students in mastering the dance form while appreciating its rich cultural heritage.


Nritarutya Dance School

Nritarutya Dance School, established by Guru Divya Devaguptapu, aspires to promote the allure and complexities of Kathak among dance aficionados in Bangalore. With its methodical syllabus and devoted faculty, the school imparts traditional Kathak education while also encouraging students to explore their creativity and artistic expression.


Nrityaniketan Classical Dance Academy

At Nrityaniketan Classical Dance Academy, students receive personalized attention and guidance under the expert tutelage of Guru Asha Krishnaswamy. The academy offers courses for all age groups, concentrating on developing technical proficiency and artistic expression, and providing students with opportunities to perform on stage and participate in contests.


With a range of exceptional Kathak dance classes available in Bangalore, aspiring dancers have a variety of choices. Each institution offers a distinctive learning experience, catering to different learning styles and artistic inclinations. Immerse yourself in the spellbinding world of Kathak by enrolling in one of these renowned classes, and embark on a transformative journey in Indian classical dance.

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