Best Music Classes in Bangalore

Music Classes in Bangalore

Are you a resident of Bangalore and want to become a rock star? Do you want to take your affection for music to the following dimensions of learning music? You are lucky as Bangalore has an extraordinary arrangement of music schools that can enable you to wind up the artist that you constantly wanted to be. Here are some extraordinary music institutes in Bangalore from where you can learn music.


Rainbow Bridge – House of Music

The Rainbow Bridge- House of Music was founded by Sanjeev T in 2004. Initially, this music school was in Chennai and afterward was relocated to Bangalore. Currently, the school is growing quickly and teaching the budding musicians in Bangalore. The founder of Rainbow Bridge, Sanjeev T is a well-known guitar player who has also been worked with popular music celebrity Mr. A.R. Rahman on many projects. The learners can join courses in music which includes lessons on musical instruments for example drums, guitar, vocal training, bass and also a course on music production.

The learners at Rainbow Bridge keep learning extra than what they were signed up. Enrol in the best music school in Bangalore.


Sangeet Sadhana

Sangeet Sadhna is a well-known music institute located in Bangalore. Ms. Anindita Mukerjee is the founder of Sangeet Sadhna and she is an efficient vocal trainer and a professional singer with Indian Classical music. She has more than 25 years experience in the same field and inspiring the students who want to expand their career in music. Sangeet Sadhana also has options for advanced level learners and beginners who want to become a rock star in the classical music. The basics of the classes include full theory on classical music, structure to music, introduction to Ragas and more.


Rhythms Institute of Fine Arts

Rhythms Institute of Fine Arts was established by Vishwanath Prasad in 1996 and is the best institute of fine arts in Bangalore. The institute had initiated with a group of aspirant guitar players who are devoted to the seven mechanisms of the Classical Music of India, Rhythms ultimate dream to launch seven music schools in Bangalore has been achieved. Rhythms are growing quickly and currently has over 85 facilities and 4000 students. Students are learning and growing their career in the music industry with Rhythms.


Nathaniel School of Music

Nathaniel School of Music was established in Bangalore in 2009. Nathaniel School has awarded the music industry with the best music teachers, artists, singers and many more. Nathaniel School aims to introduce passionate musicians to the industry who can give great performances. Nathaniel Music School includes training, production services and recording, professional classes, etc.


The Bangalore School of Music

Bangalore School of Music was established in 1987 in Bangalore by Mrs. Aruna Sunerlal. Since then the school has been the base for the music lovers who are seeking to expand a career in music. The school has a dance studio, 13 teaching studios, amphitheater facilities and a library for the students. Students can learn all orchestral instruments together with vocal, Piano and Keyboard.

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