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You all must have come across the word MLM Companies or multilevel marketing companies but don’t know how they function or which existing companies are multilevel marketing companies. Hence we’re here for your rescue. Through this article you will get to know what a multilevel company is and also discover some of the top multilevel marketing companies. 

The most distinctive feature of multilevel market companies is its strategy and way of functioning. These companies manufacture products and sell them to the consumers via employees or workforce that work on a non-salary basis. The people working with such companies get to generate income by a pyramid shaped commission system. Income is purely dependent on the number of sales made by an individual. This networking can be done by people of all age groups excluding kids. 

Information about the top Multilevel marketing companies is mentioned below. If you dream of developing a business and spread it to different parts of the world through which you and the consumers together can generate revenue then you must study the business strategy of the below mentioned company. This will increase your level of understanding. Like any other business one has to hustle in the beginning to create a mark and hit a good number of consumer base. 


Balaji Multi Services 


Balaji Multi Services was founded on 28thJanuary 2011. It is a non government private multilevel marketing company. They are driven to bring out effective business plans in the market. The company believes in the power of a common man and hence ventures with them by giving them an opportunity to work. They have different business plans which optimally benefits people. Their business strategy is commendable. The plans include – 

The silver plan : a minimal registration fee is to be submitted to sign up for the silver plan. Members of this plan become eligible to sponsor in silver, platinum and gold. They also become eligible for level bonuses and incentives. You get achievements and conveyance allowance. 

The Gold Plan: The register charge is very less. You become eligible to sponsor silver, gold and platinum. You also become eligible for the auto filling board income. Level bonus, incentives, allowances for conveyance and achievements. 

The platinum plan: This is the most beneficial plan where you get the perks of gold and silver both. In addition to that you become eligible for the auto filling board income and self team board income. 

All the plans of Bajaj Multi services have been loved by people throughout these 11 years. Hindustan Unilever Ltd 

Hindustan Unilever was established in 1931. Its headquarters is located in Mumbai over a land of 12.5 acres. The company mainly manufactures consumer goods which includes personal care products, foods, Home care products , beverages, etc,and markets them through different brands. Hindustan Unilever Ltd is the leading MLM company in Indian Consumer products. They have garnered a huge consumer base that has more than 700 million Indian consumers. Hindustan Unilever Ltd has become a part of people’s everyday life with their wide range of products. The company stays updated with the changing needs of people and innovatively synthesis products to meet the needs of each generation

Body soap brands like Lux, pear,Liril, Lifebuoy, Rexona, Detergent brands like surf excel, comfort, Wheel, Hair Care brands like Clinic Plus, Sunsilk, Skin care brands like glow and lovely, Vaseline, Lakmè, Pond’s, Tea brands like Taj Mahal, Bru and Lipton, Personal hygiene brands like closeup, Pepsodent, Are the most popular brands under Hindustan Unilever Ltd. People also love consuming delicious ice creams of brands like Magnum and Cornetto. You should definitely evaluate their business strategy as it has brought great success to the company. All their products can be easily purchased from online platforms and grocery stores near you. 




Amway was founded on 9th November, 1959 by Jay Van Andel and Richard DeVos. It is based in Ada, Michigan. It is the leading direct selling company. Amway has expanded its horizon over 100 countries. The current CEO of Amway is Milind Pant. The MLM company manufactures 450 products marketed through different brands. The products include household cleaning products, health supplements and skin care products. Amway expanded 8ts market in India from the year 2006. Their strategy of expanding through networking is commendable. 

The brand Artistry markets skin care products, serums, anti aging creams and cosmetics. 

The most popular brand of Amway with huge market value is Nutrilite. It markets dietary supplements and vitamins. Amway manufacturers water filters through the espring brand. Xs Energy started in 2015 which sells sugar free energy drinks. A program launched by Amway in 2001 called Ditto Delivery takes orders from customers based on their expected needs. All. Products of Amway have performed 

brilliantly in the market which is the reason behind their growing network. 




Tupperware came into existence in 1946. It originated in south Grafton, United states. The products were launched in 1948. It is an American based Multilevel marketing company founded by Earl Tupper. It follows the strategy of direct selling. The company aimed to create a huge market of household plastic products that would satisfy the consumers. In the current times Tupperware is known and the most wanted brand when it comes to high quality plastic products. It is successfully running across 100 countries. The motive of the company was also to minimise plastic waste which is only possible by manufacturing plastic products that lasts long. 

Tupperware has manufactured a wide range of plastic products including water bottles, air tight containers etc. People enjoy and are willing to invest in Tupperware products as they last for a very long time. The products display a variety of colours which are liked by the consumers. Tupperware is the company that will enlighten your kitchen. The cost of Tupperware products are comparatively higher compared to any other brand of plastic product as it has made a statement with its quality. They have also emerged as an e-commerce company. You can buy their products from any online platform as well as stores near you. 




Avon products was founded in the year 1886 in New York, United States by David H McConnell. Angela Cretu is the CEO of Avon products. It is a direct selling based company. It manufactures beauty products,

house hold products and personal care products for the consumers. The company has excelled immensely in the field of essential products mainly for women. They have gained popularity in India. 

They have a wide range of makeup products that includes concealer, CC cream, blush, lip liner, lip gloss, makeup remover, lip crayons and makeup palettes. The makeup products are sold under two brands, namely Avon True colour and Simply pretty. The perfumes, sprays, roll on deodorants and skin softeners are sold by brands like Imari, Black suede, Avon luck, little black dress, faraway, Avon femme, Avon cherish and X-series. Brands like Skin so soft, senses, naturals, feel fresh, simply delicate, naturals, kids, foot works, solutions have an amazing range of bathing and body care products which include feminine wash, shower gels, bath soap and body lotion. The jewelleries, accessories and I wear are loved by women around the country. They also arrange various women driven programs which helps in spreading awareness and brings a change. 




Herbalife Nutrition was founded by Mark R. Hughes in February 1980 in Los Angeles, California. The CEO of the company is John O. Agwunobi. The global Multi level marketing company manufactures dietary supplements. The company has thousands of employees working from different parts of the world. It operates in 90 countries. It is also blooming in India with great speed. It is known for the products it manufactures for management of weight. 

They manufacture protein bites, flavoured nutritional shakes including chocolate and vanilla, Cinnamon energy drink, tulsi energy drink, strength rebuilder, herbal control, herbal aloe concentrate, unflavoured active fibre complex, shake mate, multivitamin and mineral tablets, skin booster, personalised protein powder, call activator, Herbalife calcium tablets, aloe plus capsules, simple probiotic and immunity booster. As we can see the range is immensely versatile. 

Herbalife Nutrition also promotes and facilitates business opportunities. It can turn out to be the best source of income to the people who associate with Herbalife and put efforts. People can connect with Herbalife Nutrition for full time or part time work as a Herbalife Nutrition associate. The company has also evolved as an e-commerce company. You can visit their official website to connect with them or purchase products. 




Modicare Limited was founded on 12 July, 1973. It is a non government company. The company gets classified as a company limited by shares. Modicare manufactures skin care, personal care, home care products along with cosmetics and jewelleries. It also produces food and beverages. 

The skin care range includes a vast range of products that satisfy the consumers. They have Hydrating mists, cleansers, toners, face packs, moisturisers, sunscreens, fairness creams and anti aging creams. The skin care products are manufactured by the brands named ‘fruit of the earth’ and ‘schloka’ 

The range of personal care products is very versatile. It includes Hand washes and sanitizers, Talcs and deos, basic bathing products, men’s grooming products, Feminine hygiene products, hair care products and oral care products. These products are marketed by different brands like Essensual, Freedom, Velocity, Fresh Moments, Baby Spa, All pure, Sofwash and salon professionals.

The home care range has a good stock of products. They include disinfectant products, metal care products, stain removers, liquid detergents and detergents. Brands like Washmate, Beyond Blue, Fruveg, One der drop, spic n span, auto wash, sparkle, Silver dip, HD, Duz all market these products. 

The jewelleries and accessories represent meticulous and attractive designs. They have displayed an appreciable business plan throughout the years. 




RCM (Right Concept Marketing) is a direct selling multi level marketing company which was founded in 2000 in Bhilwara, Rajasthan. It has over 7500 delivery centres.

It has also developed as an E-commerce company. Slowly and steadily RCM has expanded its business and made its permanent place in the market. RCM manufactures a wide range of consumer goods including personal care, health care, household, stationery and tools, home and kitchen, fashion products. The quality of the products are excellent. 

They produce body care products that include body soaps and talcs, moisturisers and creams, balm, hand wash and sanitizers. Their face creams and packs work effectively. They have commendable products related to hair care, oral care, perfumes and men’s inner wear.

The health care range has supplements for all age groups. Ayurvedic Kadha, Chawanprash and panch tulsi drops are very popular among the masses. They also manufacture organic fertilizers. Detergents, washing powders, liquid cleaners, toilet essentials, dishwashers have been launched by RCM.

They have brought up comfortable lingerie, beauty products and sanitary napkins for women. RCM agarbattis are also widely used by people. The pressure cookers, storage containers, serving casseroles, water bottles and lunch boxes from RCM are made from high quality materials which makes them long-lasting. 


Forever Living Products 


Forever Living Products was established in 1978 in Tempe, Arizona, United states by Rex Maughan. It is an American based multi level marketing company and is one of the leading MLM companies. It’s headquarters in India is located at 74 Hill road, forever plaza, Bandra west, Mumbai 4000 Maharashtra. The 40 year old company has successfully made its mark in the Indian market. 

The company mainly manufactures drinks using aloe vera as the prime ingredients, dietary supplements, personal range products and cosmetics derived from bees. The range of skincare products, household products and nutrition aimed products are versatile. Consumers from all around the world are satisfied and love using the products from this company. 

As we all Know the multi functional benefits of aloe Vera, the forever living products are also very healthy and promote the idea of healthy living. The distinct ingredients used in the product makes them stand out. They have discovered useful ingredients from nature and incorporated them in the products brilliantly. The Aloe sunscreen with spf 30 is a product which is highly in demand as it protects your skin from the harmful ultraviolet rays and the aloe vera gives your skin a soothing effect.

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