Noble Gastro Hospital : Best Gastro Hospital in Ahmedabad

Noble Gastro Hospital, has been serving patients across Gujarat, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and aims to extend its facilities pan India and be the best Gastro Hospital in India. We also credit ourselves in successfully treating overseas patients from East Africa, United Kingdom, United States and Gulf countries.

Noble Gastro Hospital, has recently expanded its services in treating ailments related to Obesity through Endoscopy. Unlike other Bariatric surgeries, Endoscopic Bariatric procedures are non invasive, painless and scar less with reduced risk of postoperative complications.

NIG India has been organizing several medical camps in periphery of hometown Ahmedabad wherein endoscopy services are provided at economical cost to the needy.

Academics & Research has always been an integral part of Doctors at NIG. Several conferences and seminars are hosted to train primary healthcare doctors in the form of continuous medical education, which ensures awareness regarding advanced medical procedures among young doctors.

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