Top PR Agencies in Bangalore 2024

Top PR Agencies in Bangalore 2024


As a bustling center of commerce and innovation, Bangalore is the heart of India’s technological revolution. This vibrant city houses a plethora of businesses that require competent public relations (PR) services to navigate the complex world of corporate communication. In 2020, some PR agencies distinguished themselves by implementing groundbreaking strategies and providing unparalleled services. Let’s delve into a list of these prominent PR firms that left a mark in Bangalore during the year 2020.


Aim High Consulting:

Aim High Consulting held a prominent place in Bangalore’s PR scene in 2020. The agency has carved a niche for itself in the world of startups and tech companies, demonstrating expertise in scaling their reach both locally and globally. Their impressive clientele and successful campaigns are a testament to their unwavering commitment to excellence.



With a legacy of reliability and success, Text100 continued to thrive in 2020. Their forward-thinking, digital-centric approach aligns perfectly with the technological milieu of Bangalore. The firm’s strength lies in creating compelling narratives that successfully engage a variety of audiences.



Gutenberg is a full-service PR firm offering an integrated mix of digital, PR, and content strategies. Their deep market insights, coupled with creative storytelling techniques, made them a top choice for businesses in 2020.


The PRactice:

The PRactice remained true to its principles of ethical and responsible communication in 2020. Their expertise in strategic communication planning caters to diverse sectors, including tech, healthcare, renewable energy, and social enterprises.



Known for its innovative approach, PRHUB has consistently been a leading name in Bangalore’s PR industry. They continued to deliver excellent results in 2020, utilizing their expertise in integrated marketing and digital media.



With a rich history spanning over twenty years, Brand-Comm is one of Bangalore’s most seasoned PR agencies. Their ability to adapt to evolving communication trends and deliver result-oriented strategies proved successful in 2020.


Mavcomm Group:

Mavcomm Group, a reputation consulting firm, offers tailored solutions to clients. Their unwavering commitment to client service and reputation management made them a sought-after PR firm in Bangalore in 2020.


The year 2020 highlighted the importance of effective PR in shaping narratives and building brands. As Bangalore continues to grow as a tech and business hub, the expertise of these PR agencies is more critical than ever. Each of these agencies offers unique strategies and services, solidifying their positions as leaders in the public relations landscape.


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