10 Best Answers on Why Should You Be Hired For This Internship ?

Why Should You Be Hired For This Internship? 10 Best Answers


An internship is an opportunity for unskilled, semiskilled, undergraduates or graduates by an employer for a fixed period of time to improve their skills and develop them as potential employees for future.

So internship increases your chances to be future employee in any industry or organization, but to be an intern first you must get selected for it through an interview. You must know your strengths, weaknesses and requirements of interviewer. In any interview you should give employer best reasons to hire you.

Each and every sector has their own particular talent requirements, some are interested in your learning skills, some others are interested in your passion, confidence, team handling capabilities etc. so our answers should be related to their interest and requirements, so while giving our answers we should take into consideration this points and show the employers your quality and capability as per their need.

One question which is always in the list of interviewer is “why should you be hired for this internship “a good answer will decide whether you are getting an internship or not. So today we are going to discuss 10 Best Answers for this question:-


Showing Your Passion & Interest

Some companies are interested in passion of candidate towards their industry for example – a car industry, they will look in your interest of cars, your knowledge about cars like its engine, fuel efficiency, acceleration, performance etc. so when you show them your passion about their industry and benefits of hiring you as an intern your chances of getting selected increases.

So for the question “why should you be hired for this internship “you can give answers like: – “Sir, I am extremely passionate about your industry and from all my teenage years till now I have always admired your organization and wanted to pursue a career with you. I have already researched about your organization its vision and goals and I am sure to deliver everything you are looking in an intern.”


Team Working Qualities

Modern corporate entities are a team of professionals managing an organization for maximizing the output and profit. Therefore team work is an essential quality. Showing your team work quality can get you selected for the internship with answers like- “working with team is my best quality. I have good team handling quality and achieve targets working with a team. I can sync my rhythm with a team for common goal I can work in any position for fulfilling the goal in spite of hierarchy. If I get this opportunity I can prove my team working capabilities to you.”


Benefits of Being a Fresher

In this continous changing 21st century trends in market change frequently so companies working in this era have to evolve continuously with the changing trends. So companies are always in need of fresh talents. So you should give answers like: – “Since, I am a fresher with lot of fresh ideas and energy, which I can bring to your company. With my education and novel ideas I can help company to flourish in this ever changing market. Thus, benefitting the company.”


Quick Learning Ability

Organizations always look for candidates who learn fast and grasp the lessons quickly so that intern can become productive for organization as soon as possible. So highlighting your quick learning ability will help you a lot. With answers like -“In all my academic years I have always been a quick learner and excelled in any task allotted to me. This internship is a great opportunity for me and since I am a fast learner who can quickly adapt with the changing situations I will be a good selection as an intern.”


Different Facets of Skills

Sometimes the internship requirement needs a person having multiple skills for working in different environment and positions, in such a condition you have to convince them about different talents you possess, for this you can give answers like -“I have multiple set of skills that help me working in various conditions and complete task without mistakes. I believe in philosophy of “let your work speak for you” so instead of speaking, if you give me an opportunity my work will speak for me.”


Interest in Gaining Practical Experience

Sometimes simple answers like – “currently, I am about to finish my final semester/ final year of graduation or post graduation. This is one of the best opportunities for me to gain on field experience and assess the practical use of all the knowledge and skills I have gained through my education.

This experience will help me improve my skills and simultaneously I will try to maximize my effort to give desired results to the company.” This kind of answers work when employers are not expecting much from the intern and believe in just training the interns and selecting the best from them as a regular eemployee.

Starting Career With a Reputed Company

Praising a company can be a good idea, as they realize that you really understand their ethics and work culture they might get interested in you, giving answers like – “Honestly, internship in this esteemed organization will help me to bring best out of me, this internship will give a great boost to my career. From the guidance of the experienced team of your organization I can become a good professional. I can assure you that I will work towards achieving the goals of the company with utmost dedication for the betterment of the organization and alongside hone my skills in this industry.”


Show How Responsible You Are

Showing your ability of taking responsibility can convince an employer to hire you as an intern, you can tell them about your past projects or industrial trainings, how you handle any task etc. your answer can be like – “I am a person with lot of positive energy which helps me to take responsibility and handle work load, stress faced in competitive environment. I can complete task in given time frame and understand the importance of time management. This quality makes me a perfect candidate for this internship.”


Hard Working Attitude

Employer always look for candidates who work hard for them and give them results whatever situation may be, so it’s one of the important characteristic every intern must have and show it in your answer –“My best quality is hard working attitude with honesty and I give my 100% to any assigned work how hard or easy it may be. I am focused on the task and don’t hesitate to take help from others if needed. This quality makes me best suited candidate for this internship. “


Focus on Results

One of the basic requirement from an intern is to give results as desired by the employer because results show their productivity. This quality must be presented before the interviewers showing your result oriented attitude with answers like – “I am a result oriented person, I can give desired results in a stipulated time frame with available resources. I am sure to benefit the organization with my contribution “.

Getting selected for an internship can give a great boost to your career and confidence, so before facing any internship interview you must do a good homework. All above paragraphs are just an example of what your answer can be and not what your answer should be. As a candidate you must understand the requirements of your interviewer and with your answer you must show them your skills, experience and required working quality to get the internship.

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